July 8, 2016

Personal Injury

Personal Injury can happen in a multitude of ways: slip and fall, product liability, accident, premise liability, medical malpractice and others. It is important to realize that no matter where the injury occurs, it may be possible to hold the individual or company involved responsible for the loss. There are serious issues that go with personal injury: medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of function, loss of work and permanent disability. A person should not just assume that they cannot recover against anyone for their injury. It is best to at least consult with an attorney who is willing to offer an honest opinion at no cost.

If you are injured due to an accident or intentional act, you may have a claim against one or multiple responsible parties. This injury may have occurred in your home or property, in the home of someone else, in a business or in public. There are a variety of legal theories that can be used to pursue a claim for injury in any one of these locations.

The Law Office of Darin T. Orsini is able to represent your interests when there is a personal injury of any sort. Darin Orsini will be more than willing to review any claim free of charge. Submit your issue through the form on this website or call the office. Darin Orsini will review your claim personally and get back to you quickly for an honest and free consultation.