July 7, 2016

Landlord and Tenant

Landlord Tenant

Residential and commercial lease disputes often involve issues of collection, damage, construction, eviction and property rights all in the same case. A landlord may have to worry about removing a problem tenant while collecting damages for unpaid rent and destruction of property at the same time. A tenant will often have to worry about an unethical landlord removing him or her from the home or business and also seeking to inappropriately keep a security deposit or other money.

These cases often require a good attorney with experience at interpreting contracts and leases while having the resources to also evaluate property damage and navigate the collection process. It is important that the attorney sees the case to the end and doesn’t stop until all issues are resolved.

The Law Office of Darin T. Orsini will evaluate issues on behalf of both landlords and tenants and give an honest assessment of the legal services that can be provided. Submit the details through the button below or call the office directly. Darin Orsini will personally get back to you and discuss your options.