July 8, 2016

Creditor’s Rights and Collection

creditor's rights and collectionEvery business from building contractors to product distributors start to develop a book of uncollected invoices from time to time. The easy part is proving that the money is owed. These types of cases are usually open and shut. The difficult part is actually collecting the unpaid bill or judgment from the responsible individual or company.

Legal maneuvering, bankruptcy and avoidance of process are some of the more common ways to avoid paying a debt. Sometimes the debt is so small or the chances of payment so low that many businesses decide that it is not worth the risk. Fortunately, a good collection attorney will take over the debt and use a variety of legal tools designed to ensure the best chance of payment.

The Law Office of Darin T. Orsini will evaluate everything from a single, small uncollected invoice to a book of larger debts. There are a number of options and the law office will be happy to go over all of them with you in detail and free of charge. Submit the details through the form on this website or call the office directly. Darin Orsini will personally get back to you and discuss your options.