July 8, 2016

Civil Defense

In most cases, a Plaintiff is suing an individual as a last resort. He or she attempted to resolve an issue with the Defendant and could not do so after weeks or months of trying. Unfortunately, not every Plaintiff is so honest. People can be greedy and they sometimes try to use the court system as a way to make a buck when they really do not have any right to claim damages.

An attorney who has experience representing Plaintiffs on good cases can easily turn the tables on a Plaintiff with a dishonest claim. The Plaintiff has the burden of proof in every civil matter and there is a variety of documentation and testimony needed to prevail in court. A good lawyer knows how to demand that evidence and quickly dismantle a Plaintiff’s case.

If you are being sued, The Law Office of Darin T. Orsini will evaluate the suit and consider all possible defenses free of charge. Submit the details through the form on this website or give the office a call. Darin Orsini will personally get back to you and discuss your options.